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I miss my school.

I miss my school.

Posted on July/1/2011
Tagged as: college, see you in august, happy, junior?!?!,

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.everything in transit.

J'ai découvert le vrai bonheur le jour que t'as marché dans ma vie.
I discovered true happiness the day you came into my life.

Things I love: wearing sweatpants to bed, the smell of rain on asphalt, tomato basil bisque soup, tweeting about eating unhealthy food in bed, city lights against the nighttime sky, anything Chanel, pugs, finding subtle humorous nuances in the Harry Potter films, all things Kardashian, languages, white wine, and the man pictured above.

Things I dislike: harsh words, the heat, Thanksgiving food, people telling me "no," misleading façades, writing papers, the bandwagon concept, poor translations, having to wait another year for the next season of a show to be available on Netflix.